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Why Being a Blogger Is a True Job

Blogging is a full-time job that requires both time and resources. It will help you one way or the other in college programs. Blogging has many advantages. For instance, it makes you know how to organize your thoughts. It increases your confidence.

Blogging will open up opportunities such as it helps you build a strong network. It is stressful and requires your presence. You will have to spend your time working on a project or the other.

Working as a freelancer while studying requires time management skills. We have identified some reasons why being a blogger is a real job. It is not as easy as it seems. The reasons are stated below

  • Blogging Must Not Stop 

You should note that a blogger does not take a break. A holiday is the best period you can write the best content for your blog because there are many topics on a different holiday. Blogging is a continuous activity that requires posting recent updates or trends of your society.

  • It Is Stressful 

Blogging is more stressful than other jobs you can think of. As a blogger, you will want to create great content in a short time. Also, meeting your client deadline is stressful. You are responsible for any good and bad outcomes that may happen to your career.

  • It Is A Time-Consuming Task 

If you want to write a comprehensive content for a blog, it is advisable to read from other blogs. Reading other blogs takes too much time. You have to take your time to learn from each blog to present an organized blog content.

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  • Blogging Is Among The Best Jobs In The World 

It is the only job that will allow you to communicate your thoughts to millions of people. Blogging makes people around the world hear your voice. Aside from that, you are your boss, and you will work at your convenience.

  • It Is Tough 

Blogging requires brainstorming on topics to create outstanding blog content. This may be tough sometime if you work alone. When you share your ideas with other bloggers, you may eventually see a breakthrough.

  • Blogging Is Competitive 

One of the aims of blogging is to keep a close track of your competitors. Like every other industry, blogging is highly competitive. You have to keep yourself updated to stay in the competition. You have to monitor and do better web research on what your competitors are doing.

  • It Is Frustrating

You can be easily frustrated when blogging. Frustration is one of the challenges that most freelancers encounter. Meeting your client deadline, communicating with your client on time, and other freelancing roles are frustrating.

  • Have A Different Source Of Income 

It is advisable to work on more than a freelancing website. This will help in building a wider network of clients and increase your freelancing success. However, you will have to increase your online presence and create more time for freelancing.


Blogging is a full-time job that requires online presence and time like other jobs that you know. Prepare yourself to become a better blogger by noting the challenges of blogging that was suggested above. You can also hire a professional writer to write a unique paper for you at an affordable price in a short time.