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The Danger of Egotism

The article “The Danger of Egotism” written by Bolong, tells about how human behaviors have changed in the present society as compared to the beginning of humanity. How has that occurred? He started narration of the story with the clear thesis statement that “The beginning of humankind was the time of harmony and cooperation, where people lived with the attitude of mutual help and selflessness.  But, the present day condition is one of individual survival” In today’s society there is a sense of egotism, which existed amongst the people thus, breaking away how people used to live. I think the narrator has clearly stated his thesis and by the subject of discussion but you add something about danger Egotism rather than just causes

The author has also given the reasons or the factors which contribute to this scenario. He claims that the primary cause behind egotism is the rise in the population, and the media destruction of what good life entails

From the beginning, the author seems to understand the issue fully, and he has done enough research and makes conclusion through comparing the present day life and the past. He admires the kind of life human being were staying, however, acknowledges that due to increasing in population, the goals of humankind has shifted from just enjoying and having the company with others, but have developed more roles in individual family settings an example is India. .  This part seems to be subjective because it focused only on some countries whose belief is that kids are additional investment that may not be true to all nations


The author also has acknowledged the relevance of his sources; he quotes sources of his evidence to back up his explanation. According to Charles Hirschman’s Research on population and development. He found out that changes in economy and rise in population cause parents to consider having more kids as an investment. And therefore, they work so hard in a competitive economy to ensure they take care of the children who will, in turn, caring for the parents in future. The source is relevant though the author did not quote the year of the publication Wang also gives practical examples of countries where parents consider their children as the additional investment, and it is the responsibility of the kids to take care of the parents. (Bolong)

The format and the citation of the article is the correct MLA style. This work also has been organized in logical order; there is the flow of ideas from a statement of thesis and the explanations that follow from one paragraph to the next. There are no opposing points; topic sentence explained at the paragraph.

I find this article persuasive because the author has told his thesis and discussed the hypothesis of the study by providing series of evidence and excellent description of what are the dangers of egotism. He also backs his claims with various research sources. The order of the argument is one most effective, which the reader do not have any challenge in understanding. (I like how you organize your thought and the flow of ideas)

In conclusion, Wang has summarized his entire context, what made people shift their thought from enjoying as it was in ancient time to finance and entertainment.



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