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How to Deal with People Who Are Judging You and Your Blog

Many people like to judge others, that’s a fact. As much as you want all people to be good and mind their business, some prefer observing other people’s lives. Many times, the urge to point fingers comes from a self-frustration, so you should not take it personally. But even still, words can be hurtful sometimes, and it seems much easier to focus on the one negative comment despite having one hundred positive ones. Do you want to stop focusing on the positive side of your life and stop thinking about people who judge you for your blog? Here are some…

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Be Proud of the Job You Do. Why It’s Not a Shame to Be a Blogger

These days, it doesn’t take long to find a blog. Almost everyone owns one, so it’s very likely to find blogs on many subjects. But even so, a lot of people can be very judgmental, and if you’re someone who’s quite sensitive, you fear what your family or close ones would think if you told them about your blogging passion. At the same time, you look at all these people with important, top-tier jobs, and looking at your own makes you ashamed. Shame is not what you should feel if you’re a blogger. On the contrary, you should be proud…

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The Danger of Egotism

The article “The Danger of Egotism” written by Bolong, tells about how human behaviors have changed in the present society as compared to the beginning of humanity. How has that occurred? He started narration of the story with the clear thesis statement that “The beginning of humankind was the time of harmony and cooperation, where people lived with the attitude of mutual help and selflessness.  But, the present day condition is one of individual survival” In today’s society there is a sense of egotism, which existed amongst the people thus, breaking away how people used to live. I think the…

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Discrimination Against Muslim Women in the UK

Muslim women experience both religious and gender discrimination in the UK. Much of the discrimination is depicted by the harassment and abuse at the workplace and in public. The double-bind discrimination comprises of sexism, and misconceptions surrounding their beliefs including harmful stereotypes about what they believe in and what their practice. Muslims undergo discrimination at in schools and employment. The picture is a demonstration of the problems that Muslims go through when attempting to make social progress in the UK. The discriminatory practices against the women at their workplace include pregnancy discrimination, an ever-enlarging pay gap, and racial profiling during…

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Separate Spheres

Separate spheres was a terminology used to define the different worlds that characterized both men and women. Women belonged to a sphere that comprised of the church, home, and social visits. On the other hand, men belonged to a sphere that characterized them being in the public and especially in the world of politics and commerce. The separate spheres became very much pronounced within the middle class in small cities and towns. This ideology began in the 18th century and lasted through to the 19th century. It became distinct in the industrial revolution era but it can be traced back…

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